Monday, January 19, 2009

Joseph DeLappe's dead-in-iraq

Joseph DeLappe will be giving a talk at ATC in UC Berkeley on 02.09.2009.


He created “dead-in-iraq” to 'intervene in the highly popular, taxpayer funded “First Person Shooter” game produced by the Defense Department as a recruiting and marketing tool. DeLappe enters the America’s Army game with the moniker, “dead-in-iraq”, drops his weapon and in the ensuing virtual mayhem, is killed; hovering over his dead avatar he proceeds to type the name, age, service branch and date of death of each American military casualty from the war in Iraq. In this ongoing act of “memorial and protest” he has, to date, logged in over 4,000 names of the 4,221 reported killed.' (

In the documentary Why We Fight, Karen Kwiatkowski, retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, said, "I have two sons and I will allow none of my children to serve in the United States Military. If you join the military now you are not defending the United States of America, you are helping certain policy makers pursue an imperial agenda." (

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